About Us

Rentbid was founded for the last minute traveler, deal searcher or person looking for a last minute get away in a home away from home. The founder is an avid traveler with a family of 6 (soon to be 7) who waits till the last minute to book vacations. She also was a homeowner who had a beach home in Long Beach NY.

Rentbid provides a new and unique way to book and get great deals on last minute vacation rentals. Travelers will list preferences, such as location amenities and budget. Rentbid will curate a list of properties from our channel partners, Homeaway and VRBO that are available. The traveler will then generate offers based on your recommended offers for properties that meet your needs and are still available for rental. With just two clicks you can create and offer and we will notify the homeowner or property manager of the offer as well as your contact info. You then will be contacted by the homeowner to close the deal and finalize booking.

RentBid is a last minute online vacation rental that was founded in Columbus Ohio. The founder, Pattiann McAdams has over 20 years of digital senior level experience and the website is called Rentbid.com. The vacation rental market generates 85 billion annually and is growing at an accelerated pace. Even with the growth the property owner is challenged with high vacancy rates (38 % in season) and has a willingness to discount and partner with a website that will target last minute travelers. Today there is no way to effectively discount without devaluing the retail price.

Rentbid targets last minute travelers looking for vacation rentals and offers and facilitates a recommended bid to send over to the property owner and manager. Rentbid has secured a strategic partnership with Homeaway/VRBO and Flipkey to gain access to over 1mm vacation rental homes worldwide. Rentbid's mission is to deliver an interactive offer engine platform for last minute travelers to create offers on interested vacation properties, enabling owners to drive down vacancy rates.